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Please contact to get more information and/or book a session. Pages and services are being updated and are not available at this time. 

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Unlock your Potential with Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is a mind and body state which places you in a deep state of relaxation and focus. This deep level of concentration opens up the subconsciounce levels of the mind, where you can reprogram and unlock endless potential.

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Meet Your Hypnotherapist

Namaste, I'm Dianna G. Offrey

Healer and Hypnotherapist, Dianna is also a Certified Reiki Practitioner at Master Level, Coach, and Spiritual Mentor. She has helped people empower their lives by healing dealing with hidden emotions that keep one stuck and not able to move forward. This heals trauma and eliminates limiting beliefs. This is done through a combination of Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Reprogramming, Spiritual Development, Meditation Practice, Manifestation and Visualizing Techniques and learning how to live with awareness and consciousness, allowing one to connect deeply to your true authenticity. She has a unique approach and extensive knowledge on Consciousness, Mindset, and Hypnotherapy that has propelled breakthroughs in their journey.


Healing and Discovery Programs

Loving Thy Self 

21 - Day Program (Includes Hypnotherapy)

Healing Program

Contact for more info 
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The Pathway to Remembering Self

40 - Day Program (in progress)

Healing Program

Contact for more info 
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Healing and Mentor Services

Free Consultation

Not sure what's right for you? Reach out me and I will help you customise a package to meet your needs

Tune Inner Harmony

Tune Inner Harmony came into being in 2021, by Dianna G. Offrey. Tune Inner Harmony means to align with your natural state of being to enjoy the bliss of living life in harmony with the universal source.

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Shaunna - Canada (Sages path Tarot)

Dianna is a true light in this world, thank you for your wisdom, experience, and your compassionate guidance, I didn't knew what I was capable off until you helped me open my eyes.


Phone Number: (780)-531-6258    /     Email:  

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