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Psychic Medium & Intuitive Reader

Readings Now Avialable

Welcome to my reading page, where I offer my services as a Certified Psychic Reader and Medium. With extensive training in various mystical practices, including Ancient Greek Mythology, Egyptian Ancient Wisdom, Akashic Records, Zodiac and Astrologic Studies, I have honed my abilities to tap into my intuition and unique gifts. Through my dreams and the energy of souls, I am able to offer guidance and messages to those who seek it.

My soul honors your soul. ~Namaste.

Tarot Cards

Intuitive Readings

You can request a

55 MINUTE  recorded reading for $111

from the link below. 

Be specific with your 3 questions if you have any, and they need to be direct, yes or no answer. I will need your date of birth to include the astrology to the reading. You can choose from a variety of readings, love, money, relationships, career, or you may just request the messages that are meant for you to hear in this now moment.

Processing time is 3-5 days (unless otherwise notified upon purchase) and when your reading is complete, and the link will be emailed to you. You will be able to download and own your reading. Payment will need to be made before a reading is authorized to view.

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