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Loving Thy Self


My program is designed to provide you with the tools and guidance necessary to effectively heal your inner child wounds, gain a comprehensive understanding of your beliefs, and break free from negative patterns and relationships that were caused by childhood conditioning.

Here are some of the key highlights you can expect from the course.

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Welcome to the "Loving Thy Self" program! This program is crafted to assist you in fostering greater self-love and appreciation. It encompasses materials, practices, guidance, mentoring, meditations, and self-reflection exercises that you can undertake on your own. The program spans 21 days, yet you may extend it as needed. Keep in mind, that each individual is unique and progresses at their own pace. We are thrilled to support you on your path to self-love!
The program's primary objective is to uncover issues, programming, and conditioning from the subconscious. It promotes introspection on these aspects, aiding in the determination of your true desires and beliefs. It invites you to actively select your self-beliefs, differentiating between those that are authentically yours and those acquired over time. The program seeks to reshape these beliefs within your subconscious through consistent repetition and suggestive prompts. Generally, it takes approximately 21 to 45 days to establish a new habit, depending on individual resistance.
This program requires significant introspection and inner work, prompting you to engage deeply with your shadow self. More crucially, it assists you in relearning how to love and honour yourself. Amidst ingrained beliefs, media influences, personal traumas, societal expectations, and external labels, it's easy to become disconnected from our true self and direction. Over time, we may even fail to recognize ourselves. Moreover, when others, dealing with their conflicts, project their suffering onto us, we may erroneously accept these negative views as our reality. However, these are often merely manifestations of the other person's anger, pain, and self-love deficit.
This text provides valuable insights into the significance of self-reflection and its impact on our lives. It emphasizes the importance of decluttering our minds and discerning our truths to overcome obstacles and achieve our goals. The inclusion of a powerful quote further reinforces the message and adds depth to the content.
"We don't see the world as it is, we see the world as we are." Reflect on that for a moment. When we shine from within, everything outside shines too.
Overall, this is a well-written piece that serves as a great reminder to prioritize self-reflection.
Feeling lost and unbalanced internally often manifests in our external world. The program "Loving Thy Self" includes
  • 2/one-hour live sessions, either in-person or virtual, priced at $111 each.
  • Hypnotherapy session for subconscious reprogramming, averaging 3-3.5 hours, valued at over $388 and up.
  • Participants receive a workbook for the 21 days, plus extended activities and practices for up to 60 days. This material can be sent digitally or in print.
  • Daily practices, affirmation and mirror work for 21 days
  • Deep inner practices
  • Meditations to begin and end your day
  • Daily guided meditations
  • Frequency meditations
  • Subliminal affirmations for sleep programming
  • Full moon release meditation
  • Exercises in forgiveness and self-love.
  • Access to a wide range of healing meditations from my collection.
  • Additionally, the program offers dream analysis to decipher the messages from our subconscious, facilitated through journaling, and activities designed to foster a deep connection with your true, authentic self.
Purchasing the components individually would surpass a value of $999. Yet, I have amalgamated the most impactful tools and methods, such as meditation and workbooks, to ensure potent outcomes. The success of this program correlates with your level of commitment and dedication. A 50% investment will yield a 50% return. The results depend entirely on you.
This program has been curated to be accessible for those ready to invest in their well-being and experience a more joyful life, all for a total cost of $377.
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