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Loving Thy Self 21-Day Program

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This is a 21-Day Program of Self Awareness and Development, emphasizing on what self-love is and what it isn't. Learning what and how to set boundaries' and finding blocks within that may go back as far a childhood or generational. Speaking your truth, both to yourself and others. How to give to yourself and receive. To be able to truly give the best of ourselves to our loved ones, get those creative juices flowing and make a difference in the world, we have to learn to fill our own cup first. With society, we have tough that this act is selfish. This is a conditioned believe and untrue. First, we have to be able to distinguish the difference between selfishness (EGO) and self-love. My program will give you all the skills you need to realign to your innate power that you were born with, but conditioned out of, from the influences in our life and society as a whole. Here are some highlights from the program. Deep Inner Dive 21 Day Program Material, Affirmations, Mirror Practices, Inner-perspective, and Strategic Daily Practices. This includes journal entries, reflections, morning and evening guidance sheets, and everything needed to guide you through the process. Daily Meditations and reflections. Inspiration and motivation recordings. Frequencies that bring balance and calmness. 21 Day Complete Workbook with advanced practices that allow you to Dive Deeper within the Subconscious Mind and find your truest version of yourself, release and acknowledging your shadow aspects and bring them to light, while embracing the unfolding your inner self and loving thy self which will shine on the outside. Access to support via text and email throughout the 21-day process. This also includes two, (1 hour), mentoring and guidance session, in-person or virtual. (depending on location) Lastly, to seal this amazing program, I have added a 2.5 Hour Hypnotherapy Session (Value over $350) boosting confidence, self esteem, self love and honoring how far you have come.

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