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Why is Reiki the key to opening psychic ability like intuition?

Reiki in a nutshell

Reiki is a energy healing practice. Its aim is to reduce stress and promote relaxation for healing to occur. Healers use their hands to find problem areas and blocks within the body and then deliver energy, channelled through them. Reiki is an ancient Japanese practice and is taken very seriously, based in laws of the universe and a in depth understanding of energy centres and how energy flows in the body.

People often go to practitioners to relieve stress, move through trauma, and to open internal blockages. Reiki can promote both wellness and physical health by creating an internal balance within the body.

Reiki enables your ability to heal yourself through self-awareness and the opening of the chakra energy centres in the body. Reiki is a powerful healing practice. Some people prefer to see a Reiki healer at least once a month for a cleansing, or during difficult times. For trauma healing, several sessions or practices may be used or needed to clear energy and identify problem areas in the body.

Your Intuition and the connection to energy

Intuition is a psychic ability; it is not physical in nature. It is a supernatural force, or energy within us, a "knowing" sense that we all have. Intuition reads energy and transmutes this into information. Think of a metal detector that picks up on nearby metals through magnetism. Intuition is like this; it reads energy around us on the subtle level.

The more authentic and energetically balanced we are, the more empowered our intuition becomes. When the mind is clear, and energy flows throughout the body without restriction, the body becomes a conduit for attracting energies, in other words, you become more sensitive. Reiki can help us achieve this.

Reiki is key to opening these restrictions, or blockages, to create flow of energy in the body and create sensitivity. Stress, poor diet, and poor lifestyle can create toxins in the body and overtime can develop into health issues. Reiki can help us to create that energetic flow once again as we become more self-aware to address our issues.

Reiki practitioners are always improving their own intuition

The healer themselves must also develop their intuition. Intuition is like a muscle and must be kept practiced for it be used efficiently and accurately. Reiki is the healers form of intuitive training which may be paired with other techniques.

Through techniques such as Byosen scanning and meditation, you will become more aware of your body and the energy auras of others. The more a practitioner reads a patient the stronger the muscle. Reiki practitioners understand the importance of their training and that the practice is as much about their own intuitive development as is their patients.

Tips for patients to become more receptive and open during a Reiki session.

Before a Session

Don't create tension in the body, allow your muscles to relax. Tension in the body creates energetic blocks in vital key points in the body. No matter what is happening, allow your body to just be, focus on parts of the body that feel tension and then as you breathe out imagine that tension leaving the body.

Don't eat a large meal before your session. For healing to occur and energy to flow, the body's nervous system needs to be receptive. No stimulants or depressants should be used, or large meals consumed. A small snack can be eaten 2-3 hours before your session but try to keep it light and natural, such as fruits, but avoid processed foods and sugar. Your body will struggle to heal and be sensitive when its focused-on digesting. There are also sources that say food roots you to the material world, and to reach higher chakra energy levels you must be empty.

Wash the body before your session. Water is cleansing. Wash the days energy off of your body before a session to increase your receptivity and cleanse your aura. This will also clear other people's energies from your aura.

Turn off devices and notifications. This one is self-explanatory. No interruptions during a session. Take care of any social obligations beforehand so that your thoughts won't become anxious.

Wear comfortable clothing. Wear comfortable loose clothing, don't restrict yourself with tight or revealing clothing. Try not to wear makeup and come in comfortable footwear. In other words, come as you are, authentically. Everything we do and wear has an energetic imprint, the focus is on our energy, not our looks or impressions. If we cannot focus on what is important, our internal world, the receptivity won't be there.

How to practice your intuition after a Reiki session

Byosen scanning is a Reiki technique where the practitioner scans the patient’s body for sensations such as heat or coolness in the system. Sources say a part of this technique is perspective and is based on information from the patient, however, to scan the aura and feel for these sensations requires a level of heightened intuition for the exchange to take place. The goal is to continue honing your intuitive ability to understand what your body and emotions are experiencing. 

After a Session

After a Reiki session you can become very sensitive of energy around you, therefore, for preventative measures, listening to your intuition can help you take the steps needed to reduce energetic noise or cords trying to attach to you. You can take a step back and go meditate or be alone or try a cleansing visualisation such as shield of white light to protect your energy. There are tons of methods online for protection.

You can do your own version for intuitive scanning of the body to practice becoming more self-aware of what is going on in your aura and body with a body focused meditation. There are tons of these types of mediations online from practitioners. You can also just meditate on your body and listen to what arises in your mind in the form of information, words, or pictures. Ask yourself, "What am I feeling in my body today?"

Guided meditations will take you through the body and allow you to focus on each part to find sensations. Do this enough, and you'll notice your self-awareness has risen, and you will intuitively be able to determine what is happening within your body and aura.

Eat a balanced and healthy diet and reduce stimulants. The nervous system is key to opening your intuitive abilities. To stay receptive a connection between you and life must be made. Toxins which can come in the form of stimulants and unhealthy lifestyle choices including diet or habits, can dampen your ability to be sensitive to the subtle.

Understand the difference between fear and intuition, but don't doubt yourself. Fear is different from intuition. Intuition can come at any moment or come in the form of a random thought or feeling about something. Fear can arise from anticipation/anxiety, pre-conceived ideas, or bad experiences from the past. Intuition is often a "gut" feeling, like a particular pull, whereas fear is anxiety ridden and can bring on many more physiologically responses.

It is sometimes difficult to determine what is fear and what is intuition, but with practice you can determine this. Follow your thoughts when you feel fear, you may notice there is a pattern or a internal dialogue creating fear.

Whereas intuition might more often feel very random, or come in the absence of fear. Such as feeling like you shouldn't do something or that something is very wrong/right, which could possibly even make you feel sick or bring you ecstatic joy, and you have no idea why.

Last Note

Everyone has the ability to experience a heightened sense of intuition. Those who have honed this have even gone further to increase their psychic abilities in many ways. We are all capable of the same. Unfortunately, because of modern life and a over stimulation of the senses we have become desensitised to many things and have lost touch. With practice, and energy work, such as seeing a Reiki healer for a cleanse as one of the steps, you will be much more receptive to your supernatural gifts. If you starting out into energy work or healing yourself, it's highly recommended to see a healer for a cleanse.


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