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15 Ways to Create a Healing Space at Home You Will Love

We all need space for ourselves, somewhere we can feel safe and comfortable. Somewhere that inspires and creates a sense of peace and joy within us. Healing spaces create harmony, and their purpose is to promote a healthy environment, healthy habits, and encourage self-improvement. Here are 15 ways to create a healing space.


1: Find a healing "centre" within your home or garden

If you live with others, using the entire house to create a healing sanctuary in your image may not be in the best interest of everyone. Choosing a space you can use for your centre of healing energy can be a great way to begin, this can then be extended throughout the house in a way that everyone will be able to appreciate. When choosing a healing centre within the home consider:

  • A space which is clutter free or unused

  • A space which is quiet and out of the way

  • An outdoor space within a quiet area or garden

2: Declutter your space

Clutter drains your energy, and you want energy to flow, not be disrupting or cause anxiety. So, make sure to remove anything you don’t want in your healing space.

3: Think about what makes you feel peaceful and Relaxed

What kind of spaces make you feel comfortable? Is it being in a space with lots of plants or openness or are you the kind of person who enjoys warm colours rather than bright colours?

Think about those elements in an environment that bring you joy. This will define what your space should look and feel like.

4: Create the proper lighting

Lighting creates atmosphere and it also effects your mood research has shown. If you are looking for a meditative space, having a darker room with warm lighting may be best. During the day it may be wise to open this space to the natural sunlight outside, or make sure there is plenty of lighting that feels natural and bright.

  • You can try putting up a string of fairy lights high on the walls around the room which will create a lovely warm and magical atmosphere at night, perfect for meditating or reading. You can also do this for your outdoor space.

  • Place candles around for a nice warm glow

5: The healing power of water

Research suggests that drinking more water not only keep us hydrated but also improves mood. Water is a very powerful healer and can induce meditative states and even increasing blood flow to the brain and heart studies have shown.

Sometimes therapists will use water fountains or sand play centres within their offices. Go to any outdoor public garden and there will be many large fountains or running waterfalls dotting the grounds. Sitting in these gardens are so relaxing, you can’t help leaving feeling more grounded and peaceful.

  • Try bringing a fountain into the space, especially if your space is in a garden. The sounds of birds and running water will bring life to you, reconnect you to yourself and the earth, and promote a healing atmosphere.

6: Mingle with nature and bring the outside In, or the inside out

For indoor spaces, try bringing in potted plants, or hardy trees. You can place water fountains inside with paintings or images of nature. Try creating a small altar or table of natural stones and pinecones or anything you find outside that interests you. Be creative, you can create wonderful natural spaces with just a few meaningful things.

  • For those looking to create an outdoor healing space, try setting up a covered rain proof overhang like a recycled plastic Canopy, DIY roofing, outdoor Umbrella’s, or awnings.

  • Try placing an outdoor stone fountain with some potted plants around the ground surrounding your space. Place a comfortable chair or seat within the space and for even more magic, try drooping a fabric around your seating area from an overhang to create privacy and softness.

7: Use aromatherapy in your space

Aromatherapy may reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.

  • Using essential oil diffusers, oil burners, or incense burners are a few ways of creating a wonderful healing energy within your space. Try using essential oil soy candles with natural scents for another way to create aroma.

  • There are many oils and incense for different moods, try them out

8: Smoke cleanse your space

Smoke cleansing is a ritual and practice of removing old and negative energy. It is used in many traditions and spiritual practises using herbs like sage or Palo Santo.

Having sage in your space can make it feel sacred and using it often to cleanse will clear stagnant energy.

9: Place crystals or other healing items around the space

  • Being conduits of natural healing ability, crystals and stones have been used by many traditions and practices for protection and healing

  • Crystals may enhance or channel your energy within and around your space.

  • Place meaningful artefacts or other items such as statues

Many healers and Reiki Practitioners use crystals to enhance their healing abilities and bring clarity. Not only will these amazing stones bring beauty and grace they will also promote healing and peaceful emotions.

10: Eat Well and surround yourself with natural organic foods and clothing

Everything around us has energy, and that includes your food. Natural, pure, non-processed foods give off a healing vibration of their own. When you eat clean food your body radiates this energy, you can feel it within and on the outside, it shows through you with a clear complexion and a healthy weight. This increases the healing energy within yourself and in your space.

  • Reduce processed or frozen foods

  • Eat more organic, natural fruits and vegetables

  • Try to eat foods in its whole form, or try gentle steaming

  • Use clothing that is organic or ethically made without harsh processes, or encourage a circular economy by purchasing used clothing

11: Feng Shui your space with objects that bring joy

Do you know about Feng Shui? It’s the practice of rearranging your home in a way that promotes healing and the natural flow of energy. Feng Shui may give you a better understanding of how to navigate your decluttering and decorating process. Many online resources have great guides for this. Below are a few tips to get started:

  • Every item in your space should be meaningful

  • Your items should induce feelings of calm and joy

  • Balance colour inspired by the elements of nature

  • Don't block spaces, create a flow throughout by keeping objects away from seating and walking areas

12: Create simplicity in your lifestyle

Simplifying reduces the amount of time you spend decluttering and cleaning. It also allows for more time to spend on important things. When you simplify you allow your body and mind to rest. Here are some tips to simplify your life right now:

  • Declutter and practice conscience consumerism, think about your purchases and how it will affect you and the larger society

  • Reduce the amount of plans you schedule in your week, leave room for downtime and anything else that might arise

  • Address the need to feel like you always have to be busy and try meditating, even for 10 minutes a day

  • Try peaceful and calming activities like gardening or going for a walk

  • Simplify your eating habits and recipes, at least a few times a week by using less ingredients and simple cooking methods

You'll notice that your mind becomes much more clear when things feel simple, there is less stress and worry around you. Research has shown how living a simple life improves overall life quality and wellbeing. There are many books on simplifying your lifestyle and the rewards of this change.

13: Digital detox your space

Digital detox follows simplifying your life but deserves its own section. In modern society we can get so caught up in technology we sometimes forget the world around us. With modern jobs requiring us to use computers, iPad's, phones and so on, we can sometimes create unhealthy patterns around these devises.

Social media also encourages people to spend more time online, creating addictions and other mental health struggles. Here are some ways to balance your spaces with a digital detox and create better relationships with your technology, while improving the relationship with yourself and others in your life:

  • Leave phones in a safe place but out of sight when you don’t need to use it

  • Silence notifications so that you won't go running to your phone by habit

  • Do not put technology in your healing centre, they encourage distraction and give off radiation and electromagnetic waves that can disrupt your energy field

  • Think about how many televisions or iPad's you really need in your home

  • Consider ditching the bedroom television all together, studies have shown that this can improve both sleep quality and the energy within the space. Leaving the bedroom for sleep purposes or relaxation encourages your mind and body to see this space as a time to rest.

  • Limit your exposure to screens at least an hour before bed

  • Try to avoid having technology all over the house, limit it to specific rooms or spaces

14: Use natural cleaning and scent products

Chemicals are powerful substances that can leave strong scents and toxins in the air and on surfaces in your home. Even your toothpaste can contain harsh chemicals you may want to rethink.

  • These harsh chemicals may destroy bacteria and germs, but many natural cleaning products without harsh chemicals can do the same. Harsh chemicals can also leave your house smelling like a biohazard zone, while also destroying your surfaces.

  • Many chemical products are also tested on animals or contain highly flammable and dangerous properties.

When we bring things like this into our home, we are encouraging all the negative energies that come with that product and its production.

opt in for using natural, cruelty free cleaners that are strong against bacteria, and safe for you and your family. Brands that are natural, powerful, and cruelty free such as Method or Ecover are on Amazon and in most stores now. They are also quite affordable and if you purchase the refills, they can be a more sustainable option as well.

15: Use soothing sound therapy

Sound therapy is the practice of using sound to improve or create certain moods or emotions for a desired effect, such as listening to classical music. In fact, some studies have shown that classical can have a relaxing and focusing effect on people and animals. Holistic animal behaviourists have used classical or instrumental music such as harp music to calm animals down and relieve anxiety. Here are some genres to try:

  • Try creating a soothing but energised atmosphere with light jazz playlists

  • Try creating a sophisticated and relaxed atmosphere with classical music

  • Learning to using crystal singing bowls or other instruments

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