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What is Deja Vu?

By: Dianna

Mysterious Spiritual Event? A Glitch in the Matrix? Random Thoughts? Paranormal? Or is it your Higher Self in the future, we are just catching up?

By Definition, Déjà vu, is a French word meaning a feeling of already experienced the present situation or moment or already seen.

Mysterious Spiritual Event? Glitch in the Matrix? Random Thought? Paranormal? Our Higher Self in the future and we are just catching up?

I met some amazing people today while participating in group training session at Orange Theory, (an excellent environment to get yourself back into a solid fitness program, go check it out and see for yourself). During the session, our instructor reveals to us that she just had a “déjà vu” moment. This inspired me to write a blog on this topic.

This has always been interesting to me after experiencing a few of those moments myself, over the years.

You're going about your day all appears normal when suddenly you're hit with a wave of certainty that you've lived this moment before. The following moments feel incredibly familiar almost as if you predicted it. After doing some of my own research, considering the perspective of others and connecting with my own higher power, I thought I would share the information in a Blog and let you decide what resonates with you.

No doubt, déjà vu, has some unsettling theories behind this phenomenon that could surprise you.  Suddenly, out of nowhere, you get this uncanny sensation of already having lived an experience. You find yourself thinking this experience is incredibly familiar and trying hard to remember, and not even knowing why it feels that way.

Is it random? If so, how come so many people experience it. Some estimate at least 30% of people have experienced, déjà vu. From 60 to 80 percent, experience it for the first time at a very young age. Many people believe this is an indication of an increasingly functional mind as people over the age of 25 are better at discerning what is real.

They no longer associate unrelated experiences with their memories because, déjà vu, is so unexpected and fleeting.

Many associate the feeling as something mysterious, mystical, spiritual or even paranormal. Some people believe that experiencing, déjà vu, is a sign of recalling experiences or memories from a past life. There is a widely held spiritually, leaning, belief about the sensation because it makes someone feel like they've already been somewhere or experienced something before.

Some science and researchers believe that cases of, déjà vu, may be related to how memories are made and stored in the brain which largely occurs in the temporal lobes where long-term memories experiences and facts are stored. Short in the circuits of our brain, which can take many forms, such as neurons pertaining to recognition and firing mistakenly, making the brain mistake the present for the past. Or neurons pertaining to short-term memory accidentally going across circuits for long term memory and skipping over the short-term memory bank completely.

The most famous use of, déjà vu, was in the 1999 film, “The Matrix” which follows a protagonist computer hacker learning that the world is merely a computer simulation. The work of an elaborate cyber intelligence. One part of the movie there is a glitch in the matrix and something revealing that the programmed reality had been altered.

“Have you ever watched “The Groundhog Day in 1998”, where Bill Murray repeatedly relives, February 2nd?”

In 2014 a study was conducted at the university of Saint Andrews in Scotland, concluded that it may be a healthy and important neurological fail safe that performs a conflict resolution function to prevent false memories from forming. Scans of their brains showed activity not in the hippocampus which is responsible for memory, but in the frontal cortex.

Sigmund Freud believed the phenomenon was caused by repressed desires or old traumatic memories.

Robert Efron in 1963 and he found that the temporal lobe of the brains left hemisphere is where incoming information is sorted but he also found that the temporal lobe receives this information both directly and after a short detour through the right hemisphere of the brain if for any reason the information traveling through the right hemisphere is delayed at all it could be assigned the wrong time stamp giving a feeling of familiarity.

Master Sri Akarshana (Guru) explains, we are multi dimensional beings, living in multiple dimensions at the same time, all parallel. When you go into a place that you've never been to but it feels familiar or people you meet feel familiar. Your connection with this person is because you been through that moment before.  

You’re witnessing “NOW” because you're multi dimensional and it has been experienced before. How humans perceive past, and future is not actually the way it is, time is not linear. Meaning that what you see now is not something that is remembered from the past, it is something that's happened at the same time, in the now in different multi dimensions.

When it comes to manifestation, everything is energy and energy is everything. So that means, thought is also energy, a person's energy situation is energy, and energy cannot be created nor destroyed it can only be transferred.  So, a feeling of familiarity (déjà vu) to a place, a person or event, it's already in existence in multi dimensions. It already happening and you've experienced it before.

If you are familiar with manifestation, what I call, “creating your own reality”, it is helpful to know that everything you are wanting to manifest has already been manifested, everything that you think, you want to create, every goal has already been created, and there are multiple dimensions of these creations existing.  

When we are making decisions or switching thought, we are switching dimensions. Because energy it's in existence and nothing can be created nor destroyed. It can only be transferred. (Reiki Energy Healing, it’s a transfer of healing energy to another) Its already in existence and every outcome is already there.  By chance, in that moment within the experience of, deja vu, there was less thinking, and a switch happened into a higher state of consciousness, senses were heightened allowing one to notice more.

There are so many theories. Some a bit more rooted than others. One even explains abnormal electrical impulses that occurs randomly. If this is so, then why are we perceiving it as familiarity?

Here’s what I think, from a spiritual perspective.

I believe we are given a spiritual (Angelic) “sneak peek” into our path that we are destined to walk one day, well into our future. The spiritual realm is letting us know, we are on the right path in life and exactly where we are supposed to be. Its encouragement and a way of saying, well done!

Our Higher Self (inner guidance) becomes conscious of the self here on earth, experiencing life.

But how does this happen? Because we are frequency (Energy) and when our frequencies match that of our universal self frequency (Higher Self), even for this quick moment, the portal is opened and we see through the vail of illusion, even though, most times our physical earth self can’t seem to get clarity on the deja vu, but our future self does!

What do you think?



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