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7 Symptoms of work burnout and how Reiki healing can help

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What is Burnout?

Burnout is a type of long term stress, often related to work but can occur in other areas of life also. Burnout can feel like a lack of motivation, fatigue throughout the day, and a lack of interest in what you would normally enjoy. You may fall behind at work or begin to feel apathetic.

If you have these symptoms, you could be experiencing burnout.

  • Feeling less motivated at work, or questioning your ability to do good work

  • Feelings of overwhelm that may lead to spontaneous crying, angry outburst, or unhealthy habits

  • being late on deadlines and feeling sluggish with tasks

  • Sleeping more often and finding less fulfilment in work and personal activities

  • Hygiene may be suffering, a lack of care in personal health or wellness

What are some causes of work burnout?

  • Feeling under challenged at work can be just as dreadful for some as having too much work to do. This can make work feel like a factory in which you are just part of the chain.

  • Having a heavy workload can create imbalance, and cause other areas of life, like personal health or family life, to suffer.

  • Lacking purpose can cause people to feel like the work they do doesn't make a difference or doesn't align with their values or personal goals.

How does Reiki help with with the causes of burnout?


Before we talk about the benefits it's important to know that long term stress is like a poison, it builds up in the system and can create a manifestation within the body (energetic and chemical blockages) in the form of sickness, fatigue, or mental health issues. 

Imagine this, if for each day of burnout (stress) you laid one brick, then eventually you will have a wall. Now imagine how that wall effects your life, always having it in your way, trying to get around it but not clearly seeing how. This is what burnout can be like. and this is what Reiki energy clearing can help you fix.

1. Reiki clears energetic blocks in the system, creating clarity to find solutions

Located at different points in your body, also known as chi points or chakra points. These are simply just energetic points which all connect within the body and have different functions, just like how your physical body has functions. Within us, we cannot see all of the functions of our body, and this is the same with energy. This energy is a sensitive system that needs realigning when they become blocked and disconnected to the others.

If you have been trying to manifest change, such as changing something within your career or changing jobs, but haven't had any luck then Reiki may be able to help.

2. Energetic clearing also makes way for natural healing of the body

When stress has built up within your system and has now manifested as a physical issue, Reiki can help you activate your innate healing ability. People who experience burnout sometimes report having body pain accompanied with fatigue or weakness, and feeling sick more often.

You may feel more clarity and heightened intuition, but also, you may feel your body become stronger and begin healing it's physical properties after a session or several sessions. That is why Reiki can aid in physical healing such as ailments, wounds, and sickness. When chemicals and toxins begin clearing from your body, which energy work can help you achieve, your physical health will also improve. Toxins damage your blood cells, tissues, and bones, and if left too long can cause serious health issues.

3. Reiki helps you to relax


Reiki is like getting an energetic message, it can feel intense, but it is also deeply relaxing. You may find yourself just oozing in relaxed states both in mind and body after a session.

During the session, you may also experience moments of intensity followed by deep relaxation. You may also find that you become more aware and present.

4. Reiki is holistic

Reiki is a holistic practice, it opens a persons ability to self heal and change their life, it is a practice of healing and possibility and can open you up to other supporting healing practices. Reiki healers sometimes uses crystal healing and smudging practices depending on the practitioner, and can give you advice into these practices also. Lifestyle habits and personal choices are also something you may want to discuss with your healer.

People have said that Reiki feels inspiring, transformative, that it helps them to see a different perspective after a session. Beneficial to those experiencing burnout.

Final Word

If your experiencing any of these symptoms you may want to give Reiki a go, and see for yourself it's benefits. Healers have gone through these experiences themselves and understand the symptoms and their connections to the body and energies within us. Reiki aids in identifying these problematic energetic centres within us and can give us valuable advice for moving forward.


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